AliPaisa Wallet

What is AliPaisa Wallet ?

After users make successful purchase through, users get cashabck into AliPaisa Wallet.


When can I withdraw cashback from my AliPaisa Wallet ?

Once you reach a milestone of Rs.250 as a cashabck into your AliPaisa Wallet, you can withdraw total amount.


Where and how can I withdraw from AliPaisa Wallet ?

Currently, you can withdraw to your bank account. (via NEFT , Cheque etc.)

Very soon, you will be able to withdraw cashback into Paytm Wallet, Mobikwik and AB Cash.


How much do you charge to withdraw cashaback ?

For first time we charge Rs.50 for withdrawal of Rs.250. After that we charge 5% of the total withdrawal. However, minimum withdrawal must be Rs.250.


Where can I use AliPaisa Wallet money ?

Currently, you can only withdraw to your bank and you can spend on (Please get in touch with customer care in case if you do not want your AliPaisa Wallet amount into your bank account).


For how long I can keep my cashback into AliPaisa Wallet ?

Whatever cashabck you earned is yours, as long as you wish you can keep cashabck into AliPaisa wallet.


How many days it takes to reflect my cashback into AliPaisa Wallet ?

It vary retailers to retailers. Once we get confirmation from retailers we make it reflect into your AliPaisa wallet. Usually it takes upto 90 days to reflect/redeem cashabck into your AliPaisa wallet.